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The Yale Center for Biodiversity and Global Change is pleased to announce office hours providing statistical and methods support for quantitative biodiversity change analysis. Example topics include statistical issues and R workflows for the analysis and modelling of biodiversity data in a spatial, environmental, and temporal context, including biogeography, conservation biology, demography, and community ecology. The office hours will be led by Dr. Cory Merow ( and are open to all members of the Yale community. Time and Location: Tuesdays 3-5pm in OML 400. Feel free to contact Cory in advance at


Upcoming Workshops

              Functional Data Analysis (4pm, April 20, 2017)

              For a complete list, along with course content, see here 

              Requests for workshop topics are welcome. Please email suggestions.


Past Workshops

               Modeling Species Ranges
               R you ready for spatial data analysis
               Workshops: Geo-Computation and big data processing           
               Geo-spatial and environmental analysis on open-source software workshops
               A sequence of 3h workshops on data-intensive geo-spatial and environmental analysis
               on an open-source platform
               Toward Global Standards for Biodiversity Surveys and Checklists - Mini-Symposium and Workshop
               Spatial Biodiversity Analysis in R
               Google at Yale: A Meeting of the Minds on Geotechnology


Past Courses

               Methods in spatial and environmental biodiversity analysis