Specialty Group: Conservation & Macroecology


The Conservation & Macroecology group explores issues related to macroecology and biodiversity data to inform conservation action. This is the place where the cumulative efforts of our other groups come together, synthesizing the contributions of taxon experts, modelers, data specialists, and informaticians into data products that facilitate the identification of conservation priorities. By bridging the gap between science needs and capabilities, we more efficiently advance macroecological knowledge (i.e., discovery) and conservation science (i.e., application).

Spatial conservation planning describes the process of converting spatial data into a mathematical problem, using an optimization algorithm to solve this problem, and translating the solution back into a spatial conservation network. To complement spatial planning, we develop and apply biodiversity indicators — measurements derived from biodiversity data (often macroecology patterns) to study, report, and manage biodiversity change and to track conservation progress through time.

Our work is in direct partnership with end-users (e.g., key decision-makers across sectors) to ensure our science is evolving to address today’s most urgent conservation problems.

Core members:

Alexander Killion (Lead), Yanina Sica

Guest members:

Aurore Maureaud, Emily Sandall, Tamara Rudic, Fabiola Iannarilli, Jussi Mäkinen, Jennifer McGowan


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