Toward Global Standards for Biodiversity Surveys and Checklists - Mini-Symposium and Workshop

Event time: 
Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 10:30am to 3:30pm
Sage Hall - Bowers Auditorium See map
Event description: 

BioSynC / Yale SBSC Program / Map of Life 

Symposium (and Workshop)

Toward Global Standards for Biodiversity Surveys and Checklists

Short presentations by leading biodiversity informaticians and (island) biogeographers on the opportunities for standardization and integration of global biodiversity survey and checklist data. These public presentations will be followed by a 4-day workshop setting out to develop and test potential metadata standards. 


10:30-11:00am: Introduction (Walter Jetz, Rob Guralnick)

11:00-1:00pm: Presentations on: How do surveys/checklists feature in my research? Biodiversity surveys/checklist metadata - missed opportunities and potential advances

Jonathan Belmaker (U Tel Aviv): Coral reef biodiversity,  Philip Goldstein (OBIS): Marine biodiversity, Natalie Robinson (CU Boulder): Butterflies, Shai Meiri (U Tel Aviv): Reptiles, Leslie Ries (U Maryland): Butterflies and Moths; Kostas Triantis (U Athens): Invertebrates, Holger Kreft (U Goettingen): Plants, Patrick Weigelt (U Goettingen): Plants on Islands, Alison Boyer (UT Knoxville): Vertebrates and paleo surveys.

2.00-3.30pm: Presentations on: Current standards and tools for knowledge representation in biodiversity.   Biodiversity data, metadata, and tools - missed opportunities and potential advances.

Stan Blum (Cal. Academy Sciences): TDWG, standard governance, importance of data standards. John Deck (Berkeley):  BiSciCol project, Integrating and linking biodiversity, Tim Robertson (GBIF): GBIF, IPT and other tools Ramona Walls (NYBG): Biodiversity ontologies BCO, PCO, and EnvO, Dave Vieglais (DataONE): Ontologies, metadata and DataONE, John Wieczorek (Berkeley, remote): VertNet, data quality Mark Schildhauer (NCEAS): OBOE, observation ontologies, NCEAS.  

Update: Check out photos from the event here.