The Flammulated Owl Is a Small Raptor Facing Big Threats

August 1, 2022


Stunningly patterned in gray with rusty flashes and black streaks, Flammulated Owls are rightfully a top target for many birders. But their cryptic coloration makes them challenging to find, especially during the daytime. As a result, they were once considered uncommon to rare on the landscape. However, they may be more common than birders think.

Yet, despite their probable abundance, we know very little about much of their life history, resulting in a critical data gap that could threaten their presence in the West. 

Fortunately, that gap is closing. Thanks to scientists like Dr. Scott Yanco, who has deployed numerous transmitters on Flammulated Owls. We are now gaining critical insight into the migration ecology of these remarkable raptors, uncovering their mysterious lives.”
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