Members and Participants

Associated research groups and example themes:

Walter Jetz (EEB, FES, Director): Global distributions of species and traits, global change

Cory Merow (EEB, Center Research Scientist): Quantitative ecology

David Skelly (F&ES, YPM Director): Species distribution, population survival under climate change

Os Schmitz (F&ES, YIBS Director): Dynamics of food webs and ecosystems

Liza Comita  (F&ES): Tropical Forest Ecology

Ronald Smith (G&G, Director of YIBS Center for Earth Observation): fine-scale regional climate models.

Carla Staver (EEB): Savannah ecology, fire dynamics 

Pincelli Hull (G&G): Biodiversity dynamics through time

Michael Donoghue (EEB, YPM): Distribution, environmental niches and biogeography of plants

Eric Sargis (Anthropology, YPM): Species distributions, phylogeography of mammals

Derek Briggs (G&G, YPM): Fossils in time and space

Gisella Caccone (EEB): Genetic variation in space and environment

Mary Beth Decker (EEB): Marine phylogeography

Durland Fish (E&PH): Spatial disease dynamics, climatic niches of disease vectors

Jacques Gauthier (G&G, YPM): Spatial distribution of vertebrates

Thomas Near (EEB, YPM): Speciesdistributions, environmental niches, phylogeography of fishes

Rick Prum  (EEB, YPM): Phylogeography and evolution of birds and their traits

Karen Seto (F&ES): Remote sensing and urban environments