BGC Center Organizes Two Sessions at ESA 2022

February 22, 2022

Join us for two sessions organized by the BGC Center at ESA 2022 in Montreal this August (

The first session is titled “Toward 30x30 - a science-based strategy for area-based conservation in North America”, is co-organized by BGC Center Director Walter Jetz and Research Affiliate Jennifer McGowan, and features speakers Jillian Campbell (UN Convention on Biological Diversity), Christoph Nolte (Boston University), Mark Anderson (The Nature Conservancy), and Walter Jetz (Yale University).

The second session is titled “An individual eye on a global problem: Unique insights from animal tracking on biodiversity responses to climatic change”, is co-organized by BGC Center Postdoctoral Associate Scott Yanco and Associate Research Scientist Ruth Oliver, and features speakers Andrew Davies (Harvard University), Claire Teitelbaum (United States Geological Survey), Diego Ellis-Soto (Yale University), Jill Deppe (National Audubon Society), Martin Wikelski (Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior), and Sarah Davidson (Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior).