Former BGC Affiliates Publish Study in Nature and featured in NYT

Center affiliates published a study entitled “The projected timing of abrupt ecological disruption from climate change” in Nature this monthwhich became the main focus of an article written in the New York Times. The author of the article, Catrin Einhorn wrote:

“Climate change could result in a more abrupt collapse of many animal species than previously thought, starting in the next decade if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, according to a study published this month in nature.

The study predicted that large swaths of ecosystems would falter in waves, creating sudden die-offs that would be catastrophic not only for wildlife, but for the humans who depend on it.”

Later in the article, Professor Walter Jetz is quoted:

“It provides yet another, critical wake-up call about the massive repercussions of a rapidly warming world,” said Walter Jetz, an ecologist at Yale University who did not participate in the study. He added that it was more evidence of the importance of following through on the pledges that nations around the world made in the Paris Agreement on climate change.”


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