Jan Beck Seminar: Getting to grips with the spatial diversity patterns of (tropical) insects

OML 400 See map

Insects are strongly underrepresented in macroecology and large-scale biodiversity research, and this applies even more in tropical regions although tropical insects make the largest contribution to global biodiversity. Using an example from temperate regions, I highlight that biodiversity patterns cannot be understood based on few taxa alone. I present some data and insights on tropical moth biodiversity at regional scales, and I describe our recent attempts of producing the first high-resolution, (almost) global extent biodiversity data set for an insect family. 

Jan Beck is researcher at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Bio: www.biogeography.unibas.ch/beck

Publications: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fevma39sk1mi2re/1FBuOW-kv0