Marta Jarzyna seminar: Five decades of biodiversity change: From local to continental scales

ESC 110 See map

Evaluations of spatial patterns of biodiversity change and their underlying causes have been identified by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services as crucial for the conservation of biodiversity, long-term human wellbeing, and sustainable development. To date, trends in biodiversity have seen conflicting reports, with studies documenting declines, increases, and no systematic change across time. It is evident, however, that any inferences regarding biodiversity change will depend on a number of factors. In my talk, I show that biodiversity assessments are sensitive to (a) landscape context, (b) the type of biodiversity measured and the metric used to measure biodiversity change, and (c) the spatial scale of biodiversity measurements. Thus, any inconsistencies in these factors will lead to inconsistent or contradictory assessments of biodiversity change. Consequently, integrative monitoring and assessments of biodiversity rely on recognition of different biodiversity attributes and need to be explicitly placed in a landscape- and scale-explicit framework.