Workshop: Advance your R Skills

ESC 110 See map

This hands-on workshop will help participants advance their R skills with cutting edge research and teaching tools: a reproducible research workflow, web app development, and interactive presentations that allow students to use your classroom slides as R tutorials. The focus will be demonstrating how these tools can be simply and practically used in your own work, and practicing with hands-on examples. While the workshop is designed for existing R users who aim to advance their skills, beginners will be able to follow along and run example code, while seeing exciting new tools in action. Examples will demonstrate biodiversity applications, but methods are general for any quantatitive field. The reproducible research workflow will combine R, R markdown, and git to develop reports that your collaborators can easily follow. Web app development will be demonstrated with shiny; these tools also readily transfer into interactive presentations that be used in the classroom that allow students to tinker with models graphically and see the results in R code.