Lukas Gabor

Research Affiliate
Area of Interest: 
Species Distribution Models, Various Spatial Data Quality in Species Distribution Models, Data Uncertainty in Publicly Shared Data, Remote Sensing, GIS

My research mainly focuses on the performance of species distribution models (SDMs) across various spatial scales and data quality. I am interested in the effect of positional uncertainty in species occurrences on SDMs predictive performance and explanatory power. Currently, I am analyzing the amount of positional uncertainty in publicly shared data (i.e., in GBIF). I am also interested in using remote sensing data from various sources and quality in ecological studies.

I earned my PhD in applied ecology at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (Czech Republic). Before starting at Yale, I spent some time at University of Florida and North Carolina State University.

Lab Specialty Group: 
Species Spatial Modeling
Selected Publications: 

Gábor, L., Moudrý, V., Barták, V., & Lecours, V. (2020). How do species and data characteristics affect species distribution models and when to use environmental filtering?. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 34(8), 1567-1584.

Gábor, L., Moudrý, V., Lecours, V., Malavasi, M., Barták, V., Fogl, M., … & Václavík, T. (2020). The effect of positional error on fine scale species distribution models increases for specialist species. Ecography, 43(2), 256-269.

Lecours, V., Gábor, L., Edinger, E., & Devillers, R. (2020). Fine-scale habitat characterization of The Gully, the Flemish Cap, and the Orphan Knoll, Northwest Atlantic, with a focus on cold-water corals. In Seafloor Geomorphology as Benthic Habitat (pp. 735-751). Elsevier.


Where You're From: 
Czech Republic
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