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New SBSC course: Methods in spatial and environmental biodiversity data analysis

Walter Jetz - SBSC

Methods in spatial and environmental biodiversity data analysis (EEB 713)

Taught by Walter Jetz, Giuseppe Amatulli, Petr Keil, Adam M. Wilson

Over the past few decades there has been an explosion of information for environmental and spatial biodiversity research. This "big data" now allows us to address a number of old and new important questions with unprecedented rigor and general...

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Toward Global Standards for Biodiversity Surveys and Checklists

Supported by BioSynC and SBSC

Join us for a mini-symposium on Thursday, June 20th. Leading biodiversity informaticians and (island) biogeographers will give presentations on the opportunities for standardization and integration of global biodiversity survey and chec...

Robert Anderson seminar

Robert Anderson, City College CUNY, will give a seminar entitled "Building niche models for transfer across space and time: theory, challenges, and examples with tropical mammals."

Abstract: Predicting species distributions in the future represents an important yet exceptionally challenging endeavor.  Despite limitations, correlative niche models...

Rob Hijmans Workshop

A workshop on environmental and biodiversity analyses in R with Robert Hijmans of UC Davis (author of Worldclim, major R libraries for biodiversity science, etc). Please mark this in your calendars! Rob is one of the foremost technical experts for eco- and geo-...

Google at Yale: A Meeting of the Minds on Geotechnology

This February 21st and 22nd, Yale and Google will join forces to host a two-day workshop designed to address the emergence of geotechnology in addressing global problems. This workshop will include round table discussions on the use of Google’s Geo platforms in research and education, 4 hand-on training sessions that will teach highly practical tools which researchers and educators ca...

Alexander Pigot seminar

Alexander Pigot from the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology will give a seminar entitled Building the entangled bank: a macro-scale perspective on the evolution of communities

SBSC Launch Symposium Videos

A YouTube playlist has been created for the Launch Symposium. High definition, full length videos of the entire symposium are available here.

David Storch will deliver first 2013 YIBS/SBSC seminar

YIBS and SBSC present a lunch seminar featuring professor David Storch from the Center for Theoretical Study in the Czech Republic. For more information see our calendar.