Program News

Catherine Graham to give SBSC Seminar

Dr. Catherine Graham of SUNY Stony Brook will give a seminar on beta diversity. For details see our calendar.

The global diversity of birds in space and time

SBSC scientist Walter Jetz and others published the most comprehensive family tree for birds to date [1], connecting all living bird species — nearly 10,000 in total — and revealing surprising new details about their evolutionary history and its geographic context. Read the article...

Program Kickoff Symposium

Walter Jetz

The Edward P. Bass Distinguished Lecture Series and the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies present a symposium:

Spatial Biodiversity Science and Conservation at a Global Scale

Tuesday, October 23rd and Wednesday, October 24th

 To see photos from the event, click...

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New species of monkey described

A team including SBSC scientist Eric Sargis have described a new species of monkey endemic to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) [1]. The team provided data on its distribution, morphology, genetics, ecology and behavior.


Hemisphere-scale differences in conifer evolutionary dynamics

A group including two SBSC researchers, Peter Crane and Michael Donoghue, have analyzed conifer ranges at a global scale[1]. Their findings suggest that "the abundance of recent divergences in northern clades may reflect complex patterns of migration and range shifts during climatic cycles over the later Neogene leading to elevated rates of speciation and...

Map of Life - Demo Release

Check out the Map of Life demo release to explore worldwide species distributions[1].