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Our Research

The Yale Center for Biodiversity and Global Change is dedicated to the study of Earth’s biodiversity and the creation of knowledge and tools to guide its conservation. We engage students and researchers in the Yale community and work with science and technology partners worldwide to develop and deliver insights and actionable information around the origin, change, and safeguarding of biodiversity.

Here are some of the major research foci at the Center:

Map of Life

With partners worldwide, we advance ‘Map of Life’, a platform that aims to support effective biodiversity monitoring, research, and decision making from local to global scales by delivering spatially explicit and decision-relevant information on the distribution and trends of species.
Map of life

Biodiversity Indicators

In support of local communities and regional and national stakeholders worldwide, we leverage Map of Life to develop and deliver measurements of biodiversity change. The main three indicators, the Species Habitat, Protection, and Information Indices, are formally endorsed by the Convention on Biological Diversity and address annual trends across thousands of species and for ecosystems worldwide.

Spatial Biodiversity Modeling

Our team strives to be forward-thinking in the development of cutting-edge methodologies to maximize insights derived from diverse ecological data over large spatial extents.
Modeling group

Biodiversity Movement

We examine animal movement across scales, from individuals to entire populations, using advanced computational tools, satellite tracking technology, and big data to understand the drivers of animal movement and how it may change in the future.
Movement group

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