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A figure depicting the three biodiversity indicators. In the center of the figure is a circle broken into three sections: one with the heading "Species Information Index" accompanied by a photo of a camera trap attached to a tree trunk and text reading "Where is current species data insufficient?", one with the heading "Species Protection Index" accompanied by a photo of a wildlife refuge sign and text reading "Where is additional protection most needed?", and one with the heading "Species Habitat Index" accompanied by a photo of a recently deforested area and text reading "Where are species gaining and losing habitat?". The center of the contains text reading "Conservation decision making support".
Biodiversity Indicators
Biodiversity Indicators
Press Coverage

BGC members co-authored an article for Esri’s ArcNews Spring Newsletter titled “There’s Hope for Achieving New Biodiversity Targets.” In this article, which is featured in the Scientific Currents column, we discuss the importance of the adoption of biodiversity indicators in a Monitoring Framwork alongside the goals and targets set forth by the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) and convey our hopes that these indicators, which include the Species Habitat, Protection, and Information Indices developed at the BGC, will help countries around the world measure and track their progress towards meeting the goals of the GBF.

Read the full article on the ArcNews website here.