Kalkidan Fekadu Chefira

Staff: Data & Software
Area of Interest: 
Machine Learning, Satellite Image classification, Remote Sensing

I grew up in Ethiopia and spent four years in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi, where I experienced different cultures that broadened my understanding of the world. I graduated from New York University Shanghai in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After graduation, I worked at an Artificial Intelligence laboratory in Ethiopia. During my time there, I helped develop a web platform that recommends land management techniques based on various geographical variables; since then, designing and building agricultural software products using remote sensing data piqued my interest. I am currently exploring satellite images and Machine Learning techniques to identify patterns and recommend potential solutions that can help understand environmental data better and improve the agricultural sector in developing countries.

Lab Specialty Group: 
Map of Life: Software Development
Where You're From: 
Reading books, Getting to know people