Lia Vogas Ker Marrara

Postgrad Associate
Area of Interest: 
Ornithology, entomology, Botany, Statistics, Ecology and Conservation

Graduated from Federal University of Paraiba (Brazil) in 2021 with a BS degree in Biology. In my thesis I analyzed patterns of richness and distribution of the birds of the Atlantic Forest in northeastern Brazil. My role in the MOL team consists mainly of data mobilization, i.e., making the data ready for other researchers to use. It includes multiple steps of researching, digitizing, cleaning and standardizing.

I believe we can only achieve our conservation goals if we succeed in communicating clearly our results and listening to people and their needs.  I am interested in finding out how we can listen better, get in touch with these needs, and promote evidence-based conservation strategies that take into account socioeconomic realities and reconnects people to nature, in a way that will produce long lasting positive results for all the parts involved.


Lab Specialty Group: 
Map of Life: Data Management
Where You're From: 
Practicing Bhakti Yoga, singing and playing musical instruments with friends, drawing, watercolor painting, hiking, watching anime, reading non-fiction books, learning about random subjects and trying new things every other day