Matthew Rogan

Former BGC Member
Area of Interest: 
Data-informed biodiversity conservation, population modeling, carnivore conservation

Matt joined the Map of Life project in July 2021. He did his PhD at the University of Cape Town where he collaborated with Panthera to analyze patterns in leopard density among South African protected areas. Previously, Matt investigated illegal bushmeat hunting in the Okavango Delta, Botswana and worked as a lodge manager in the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania. He earned a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts from Pomona College.

Lab Specialty Group: 
Map of Life: Data Management
Selected Publications: 

Rogan, M.S., et al. Troubled spots: Human impacts constrain the density of an apex predator inside protected areas. In review at Ecological Applications.

Serieys, L.E.K., Rogan, M.S., et al. 2021. Road crossings, vegetative cover, land use and
poisons interact to influence corridor effectiveness. Biological Conservation 253: 108930.

Rogan, M.S., et al. 2019. The influence of movement on the occupancy-density
relationship at small spatial scales. Ecosphere 10 (8): e02807.

Rogan, M.S., et al. 2018. Socioeconomic drivers of illegal bushmeat hunting in a Southern
African savanna. Biological Conservation 226: 24-31.

Rogan, M.S., et al. 2017. Illegal bushmeat hunters compete with predators and threaten wild herbivore populations in a global tourism hotspot. Biological Conservation 210: 233-242.

Where You're From: 
United States of America