Prasanga Samarasinghe

Research Affiliate
Area of Interest: 
Spatial Audio Recording/Reproduction/Analysis, Drone Audition, Bioacoustics, Virtual Reality, Active Noise Cancellation, Speech Enhancement, Emotion Recognition

I am an academic from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, and I am currently visiting Yale under the Australian-American Fulbright Program. My research interests are broadly in applying audio and acoustic signal processing techniques to solve real life problems. My current and past work involves applications in Entertainment, Smart Devices, Defence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Bioacoustics, Hearing Health and much more! During my time here at Yale, I am particularly interested in using drone-based audio recordings for monitoring wildlife. Given drones produce significant self-noise from propellers and resulting winds, novel audio signal processing solutions are required to suppress undesired noise while enhancing desired animal vocalizations. I completed my PhD in Electrical Engineering at the Australian National University in 2015 where my research focussed on recording and reproducing 3-dimensional sound fields using microphone and loudspeaker arrays.

Where You're From: 
I grew up in in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, and call Australia home for the last 12 years
Travelling, gastronomy, yoga and spending time in nature.