Scott Yanco

Postdoctoral Associate
Area of Interest: 
movement ecology, life history theory
Lab Specialty Group: 
Animal Movement
Selected Publications: 

Ciaglo, M, R Calhoun, SW Yanco, C Stricker, M Wunder, B Linkhart. 2020. Evidence of fall prospecting in a long-distance migrant. Ecology and Evolution 11: 599-611

Yanco, SW, A. McDevitt, C. Trueman, L Hartley, and MB Wunder. 2020. A modern method of multiple working hypotheses to improve inference in ecology. R. Soc. open sci.7200231

Linkhart, BD, JW Fox, and SW Yanco. 2016. Migration timing and routes, and wintering areas of Flammulated Owls. Journal of Field Ornithology 87 (1): 42-54.

Where You're From: 
United States of America
birding, fishing, backpacking